Promo Mechanics

Register now with SMART PERSON FINDER and starts locating your loved ones and friends for only P2.50/per locate for seven (7) consecutive days.


  1. This P2.50 rate promo is open to all new USERS of SMART PERSON FINDER.
  2. Available in Person Finder SMS (WIS), PF Scheduler (SKED), PF WEB, and PersonFinder WAP.
  3. First-time users of the Person Finder service may avail the all P2.50 rate upon their first PERSON FINDER transaction. The 7day period will officially start at this time.
  4. During the first PERSON FINDER transaction, subscriber will be informed of the ALL P2.50 rate promo for seven (7) consecutive days.
  5. During the 7day period, users' location requests (P5.00) will only cost P2.50 per transaction.
  6. The 7day period will end at exactly one (1) week after the first transaction.
  7. When the 7day period ends, a message will be pushed to the user informing them that the 7day period is over. The service will then return to its regular rates.
  8. Discount promo/introductory price of P2.50 per locate is available until further notice.
  9. All Other existing Person Finder keywords, parameters and error messages apply and will involve the regular pricing (i.e.: Optional password setting, retrieving of password, deleting, adding, etc.) and all processes, features and keywords already existing in the current Person Finder service that do not conflict with this all P2.50 rate promo still applies.
  10. Coverage is Nationwide.

Call SMART PERSONFINDER Hotline at 639985845520 for info from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm during Saturday.

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